JackieCat said


Hello. I posted a while back with some requests about teas that were hopefully not too jittery. I received a bunch of very helpful responses.

As per people’s suggestions, I have been going down the raw pu-erh rabbit hole and am totally lost. Wouldn’t know where to start in fact. Scott over at Yunnan Sourcing seems to have quite the selection but again, the choices are overwhelming.

Basically, I am looking for a decent amount of caffeine with low anxiety. I’m probably not as dialed into the taste as most people on here so I am hoping someone has a specific recommendation that might be on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Thank you.

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AllanK said

High caffeine will cause anxiety in some people no matter what you do. There is a theory that a tea high in Theanine may counteract this however. I do not know which puerhs are higher in Theanine. It is easy enough to recommend a few good lower cost tea but I don’t know the caffeine content so I can’t recommend for that. Any of the Yunnan Sourcing Impressions series of cakes are good lower cost raw puerh for a start. I have no idea about their caffeine count however.

JackieCat said

Thank you for taking the time to respond AllanK.

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mrmopar said

I think maybe a range you are willing to spend could help you as well. There are lots of stuff out there. I think the jitters comes more so on an empty stomach sometimes. There are some good ones in the $30.00ish range you can get. Scott has some good ones and can probably steer you to start out in. With time you will find which way but the rabbit hole only deepens.

JackieCat said

Hey there. Thank you for your reply. I think Scott is very busy because I have had a very hard time contacting him about this. So, let’s say I was looking in the $30 range, could you recommend one of the raw pu-erh’s? I just have no idea where to begin!

Ken said

At 30$ you might be better off with his raw puerh tea club, that way you dont have to ask him… lol..

I dont get jitters from any of the raw puerh though, just eat a snack before hand and keep brewing it out, the caffiene will eventually wear out as you keep brewing it, instead of brewing fresh leaves.

mrmopar said
JackieCat said


Scott was very busy and finally got back to me yesterday. That’s one of the ones he suggested? Thank you for following up.

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elena-z said
JackieCat said

Thank you elena-z. I appreciate the response.

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I get a little anxiety too when I drink some raws… they tend to mellow with age so aged ones might be a good choice.

Excellent choice… but pricey.

Less expensive but excellent…

Also recommend

And @mrmopar’s recommendation is a great cake too and really affordable too.

mrmopar said

I drank the CNNP 8891 last night. Storage is excellent no mustiness. It has had just enough humidity to it. Almost like a sweet tree sap honey note to it.
500 grams so cost per gram is nice too.

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