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Deers, monkey....now wild boars!?

Where do I put a post like this on Steepster?

I market the teas for Akihiro Kita, Obubu’s president…translating and spreading information about tea farming at Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations in an effort to both spread knowledge about Japanese tea and tea farming as well as to sell our teas.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit Wazuka valley in southern Kyoto. The valley and town is both quaint and majestic at the same time.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount about Japanese tea farming as a result of helping Akky out — the differences in taste that result from different cultivation techniques, processing techniques, lots about Japanese land law, and the state of agriculture in the country…

…and I’ve learned that the deer that neighboring Nara Prefecture is famous for have taken a liking to young, tender tea leaves

…and that mischievous monkeys like to play on fields of new plants…bending the seedlings: http://www.obubutea.com/akky-farming-blog/transplanting-seedling/

…and now Akky is writing about reinforcing roads as an anti-wild boar measure. (http://www.obubutea.com/akky-farming-blog/making-the-road/)

…tea farming isn’t just about watering the plants!!

And now…I would love it if you could post questions for Akky here. Make them short and easy to read (his English is still at a beginning level). I’m trying to make him practice.

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