Katiek said

Is microwaved tea healthier?

According to this article on Mother Nature Network, microwaving tea activates more of the caffeine, theanine and polyphenol compounds releasing more of the good antioxidants. Even if it is healthier, do you consider microwaving tea sacrilege?


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Raritea said

There is something that just doesn’t sit right with me about heating water or tea in a microwave. That and the fact that I’m pretty persnickety about my tea prep and require a multiple temperature kettle… I would probably choose to just drink cold water if my only option was to heat it in the microwave for tea. The promise of more health benefits is tempting but I’m mostly into tea for the flavour and hydration in any case. Thanks so much for sharing this article!

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Ken said

Yeah Im picky too about my tea preparation and making it in anything other than a clay pot, gaiwan or glass teapot is verboten. And none of those are microwave friendly, though I guess the glass teapot would be fine if it wasnt for the metal strainer. But thats mostly for delicate greens and sencha anyway.

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WTF does it mean to “activate more of the caffeine”? I suspect the original article is from the same sort of “news” outlet that would warn readers about dihydrogen monoxide.. meanwhile the scientist they quote is probably laughing about getting this howler into print.

Brian said

dihydrogen monoxide sounds scary. like something made from DOW or Monsanto.

AllanK said

Scientists will often study some strange things. The other day I heard a radio news story about scientists from I think Britain spending two years studying why shoe laces come untied. Who the idiot who funded this study was I do not know but I heard it from a real news outlet, 1010 WINS radio.

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Even then, the benefits are trace, just like the ones already in tea.

I don’t care if it is more healthy, it doesn’t touch if it tastes good. We know the microwave super heats the water, so you’ll get a really weird bitter steeping. These types don’t consider tea to taste good anyway, just “magic cure” health bogus hype.

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wobudong said

I am drinking tea is for its enjoyment and flavor. I go through the extra effort because those things have increased the joy I gain from the action. It seems to me like you need attention, so here it is. I hope it brings you joy.

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