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tperez said

I also noticed the were commenting on threads the started with accounts that had never posted anything else.
It’s a shame when companies think they can do this kind of stuff on Steepster and no one will notice :(

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They got a presence on reddit too that makes me scratch my head. I’ve been finding it odd the last while how much upvotes people’s vahdam hauls get.

utack said

Unfortunately you are right about this, but no more.
They have recently unleashed some kind of new hell, with multiple accounts praising them, and operating for them.
It is as annoying as it is obvious and ridiculous.
We have scaled up our defenses on reddit now, and will crack down on any future posts. The times where we think that this new account might just be a genuine happy buyer are definitely over.

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AllanK said

I have reviewed a number of their teas on here. They have what I have found to be very good tea. I don’t know why they would need to post fake reviews. They have a very good deal on your first order, 20% off your total purchase. The ship with Fedex International so it is two or three days from India. I can’t be sure about shipping costs as I believe it was “free” shipping which means they build the shipping cost into the items purchased.

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Ken said

Their prices seem reasonable as well, I dont know why companies that have good product and pricing still think they need some sort of unfair leg up. I was actually considering trying their sampler as its on sale now.

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