Sophia said

The NecessiTEAS

Hey guys I made a purchase from the necessiteas and got them today.. I’m not 100% into them..wondering if anyone would be interested in buying the teas off me or swapping ounce for ounce. The teas include:

Approx. 2oz of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (black)

Approx. 2oz of Strawberry Cheesecake (black)

Approx. 2oz of Strawberry Shortcake (white)

Approx. 2oz of Marshmallow Krispy (Black)

Approx. 2oz of French Toast (black)

I’d sell all 5 tins for 50$ or 10$ each

2$ shipping per tin unless you buy all 5 then shipping is free.

Willing to do trades but it would have to be a PayPal backed trade and ounce for ounce!

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