That other stuff in our tea

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PeteG said

I drink my tea naked…that is nothing but pure liquor of the gods. Gotta keep my clothes on that is the only barrier fm the hot tea dripping fm my tea pot.

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Speaking of other stuff, does anybody know of an online source for kluntjes. Kluntje is a HUGE sugar crystal, and is traditionally used, along with a spoonful of cream, in Ostfriesian (Germany) tea.

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mlc select said

I usually put honey in my tea. Right now it amuses me to have two kinds of honey in the house: New York City honey1 from bees who live about seven blocks from my apartment, and Pitcairn Island honey2 from an extremely remote island on the other side of the planet.

Sometimes (especially for stronger-flavored teas) I use white sugar cubes instead. And in the summer when I drink gallons of iced mint tea each week, it’s unsweetened.

I almost never put anything else in my tea, but today I made masala chai with milk.

1 (but their NYC stuff is unmentioned on their website)

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Janefan said

Anybody ever tried jaggery? I’d never heard of it until today on

“Jaggery comes from either the sap of sugar cane or palm trees, and its flavor is described as an aromatic blend between brown sugar and molasses with fermented or wine undertones.”

sounds good, I’d like to try it. Maybe it will be the next big thing, like agave…?

Cofftea said


Carolyn said

It’s Indian sugar. You can find it in Indian grocery stores. It’s fairly good. It reminds me of the brown cones of Mexican sugar called piloncillo that you buy in Mexican markets.

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Brian said

plain. sometimes mushrooms.

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