Want to share my love to tea

I have recently been introduced to Steepster through a tea review programme introduced by Vahdam Teas. I have a few packets left of my purchase to taste and rate for now and I look forward to trying many more teas. Any suggestions or tea swap ideas that I should know of? Love robust black teas (like most of Russians)

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Hey! So glad to see you here! What tea are you on now? I just polished off the First Flush sampler from Vahdam Teas and am still raving about the Arya Pearl White Tea. Keep me posted on your tea swap buddies!

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I love Earl Grey Citrus :-) One of the favorites

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I took a lot of help from the Steepster community and am ordering some Sencha :-)

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Hello Dordzhi Tazaev,

Your post could be confusing when on Facebook your profile states, “Marketing Executive at Vahdam Teas”

Hi. Yes, I just joined Vahdam Teas. It’s true. But before it I bought some teas for me and my family to know more about it. I do not say that Vahdam Teas are the best. I just entered the world of good tea (not that I drank before in Russia) and don’t know much about tea yet. So, that’s why I was asking if you have any suggestions to another teas (preferably black and robust) ;-)

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