I havent used steepster like i use to in so long that i don’t even know what to do anymore!
How do I post a photo in here?? is it possible, i’m sure it is. I need to post a photo of a tea to see if anybody can Help and tell me what it is :)

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the photo is on my instagram thingie :)

Brian said

your acct is private

oh my
i didn’t know that.
thanks, i’ll fix it

yyz said

If you want to keep your instagram private you could instead upload it to a photo sharing site such as imigur or google photo where you can specify who can view an image.

i had no clue it was set to private lol its probably been private this whole time

i forgot i had a flickr account, this tea is pictured there too
hope it isnt private lol

yyz said

I can view it so probably not!

I found out what it is, I asked Scott at YS, Should have done that from the start i guess lol

Good to see you on here! :)

mrmopar said

Yeah fella you been MIA!

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