kimquat said

Help -- recommendations?

Does anyone know of a blend similar to Cinnamon Swirl Bread from the now-defunct sTEAp Shoppe? Something malty and bread-y with just the right amount of spice! I’ve had other cinnamon blends since that just can’t compare, and I’m afraid of hunting around and only getting weak, watery teas that don’t hold up to re-steeps.

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FernKyros said

I just joined this forum a few minutes ago! I saw your post and immedietly thought of a tea you might like. I work at Teavana, but I enjoy David’s Tea on occasion as well. David’s Tea has a Cardamom French Toast Tea that sounds similar to what you’re describing…I’ve never had Cinnamon Swirl Bread, but it sounds good. What kind of tea was it (black, green, white, etc)? Cardamom French Toast is a black tea, but if black tea isn’t your thing then I have a few other ideas as well that you might like. Oh, and I would also recommend buying the Cardamom French Toast Tea in-store instead of online. I have had problems with David’s Tea websites, and going to the store is a lot of fun anyway! Good luck!

AllanK said

The thing with Davids Tea websites is to make sure you are ordering from the right one. They have a US website and a Canadian website. It is advisable if ordering within the US to order from the US website as they ship from Upstate New York, not Canada. You get your tea much faster. There are a couple of teas that I believe are only available on the Canadian website though.

kimquat said

It was a blend of puerh and Yunnan golden buds. That’s part of what made it so unique. The DT version sounds really good! Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know they had a US location/site.

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