Rob said

Buying & Drinking Maocha

I have a urge to source come maocha. Imagine my delight when White2tea’s May subsciption box arrived this morning with the same tea processed as maocha and “green”.

Does anyone have a good source for maocha to buy online? It doesn’t seem particularly common and I’m wondering whether there is a good reason why it’s not popular.

Any thoughts, links, suggestions gratefully received.
Cheers, Rob

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You may have some luck contacting a company directly to see if they have any leftover from cake pressing.

This set from Bitterleaf is great! Not only is it fun, but all three are solid old tree material, and brew up very tasty. Jonah is a really nice guy and may be able to help you out with other mao cha if you ask, as they are pressing tea right now.

Yunnan Sourcing has a few if I am not mistaken.

My understanding of why it is not common is simple shipping issues. Cakes ship much nicer than loose tea, and probably most people think of puer as a cake so it would be difficult to market loose.

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If you wanna get familiar with high quality bulang material try:

It’s great stuff.

Otherwise, if youre looking for cheaper, try contacting the big guys in puer (W2T, CLT, YS, EoT, Puerhsk, Etc.) they will have leftover that they will sell you. You gotta move fast (ish) though, cause a few of the vendors are getting ready to head out.

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