Prepare Your Own Meditative Tea Ceremony

See these suggestions for preparing your own meditative tea ceremony:

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…an interesting series of suggestions.. As a traditional practitioner of Omotesenke, I would like to suggest the term “ritual” or “routine” rather than “ceremony” to avoid confusion in the world of those who practise Tea as a Way (spiritual/philosophy), rather than enjoying tea as a solo, beverage.. ‘tea cerermony’ (and many debate use of this term in English and prefer chado or chanoyu) should involve not just the self, but rather the host in service of a guest, preparing a beautiful, thought-filled and reflective/philosophical gathering for the guest who leaves, nourished and enriched by the experience, rather than a beverage-focused experience.

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Could you suggest some reading on Tea as a Way?

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Hello, not sure if this answers your questions. But I just uploaded a video of HOW to Prepare Puer Tea :)

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