Teavana is "trying" to break into puerh...

I thought this was a little odd: http://www.teavana.com/us/en/tea/pu-erh-tea/green-pu-erh-cake-black-tea-011074628.html?navid=new-arrivals&start=1

Green and Black tea from pu’er city!

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That is very odd, especially listing it under black tea, when it seems to be just raw puer. The people in the reviews seem to like it.

I’m actually kind of impressed, even if this isn’t the best puer, it gets people drinking it and learning. It seems most people get the cheap ripe introduction to puer and think it tastes like garbage and fish.

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haha. Oh Teavana. :D

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MrQuackers said

David’s tea had a Puehr as well. I would drop it in a travel mug and forget it.

They also have a brand new White Puehr.

The funny part is that isn’t a puer, it is yue guang bai. It is a white tea. Even in the description on the bottom it says it is a white. https://www.davidstea.com/us_en/our-teas/tea-type/pu-erh/moonlight-white-35

AllanK said

While it may not actually be puerh it really depends who you ask. It is sold as puerh by many stores in China.

AJ said

Yeah, yueguangbai gets tossed around between sheng and white a lot. They do well enough to try and explain that in the description, though: “Grown like a pu’erh but processed as lightly as a white tea.”

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It’s so confusing. Is it sheng puer or black tea?

I get an extra 10% employee discount next week so I’ll definitely have to give this one a try :P

pmunney said

It’s sheng.

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AllanK said

regardless if it is sheng or shou it is very unlike Teavana not to charge a lot more. At $25 for a 6.8oz cake it is not even overpriced. That is the real miracle. From Teavana I would expect them to charge five times that. And I would expect the quality to be low. I notice their instructions for brewing are western style. They know that most of their customers don’t have gongfu teaware.

AllanK said

Out of curiosity I called my local Teavana store to see if they had it but it looks like it is website only unless they just have not received any yet. The girl on the phone wasn’t sure if they would receive any.

Only concept stores carry this line of teas so you might want to check the one in Bridgewater, NJ. Otherwise, you’re probably better off ordering online.

I like how the brewing instructions say to measure with a scoop.

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MamaSayang said

I have to try this first. Hope I can accept it because right now I’m pregnant.

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Cwyn said

They have had loose puerh teas for years now.

Their shou wasn’t that bad either. I think it got discontinued thought :(

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