PeteG said

Pu Ehr

What is your favourite Pu Ehr story or love it/hate it?

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bbc said

not sure if i have a story, but i love it. tastes best to me when paired with something sweet. the first time i had it was at a restaurant as a dessert course with small, warm mochi rolled in toasted peanut powder (mmm…) and at one yunnan restaurant they served it as a first course with various candies, i.e. honey & chocolate. mmm…mmm…

agreed, that flavor needs something sweet with it. I’m partial to a good chocolate bar, the two together make a great combination.



Carolyn said

Really? So if I had a cup of pu-erh with a few cubes of Turkish Delight, it would reveal new depths and tastes in the tea? (Hmmm. Good excuse to eat Turkish delight.)

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