Manually Creating a Steepster Tweet

I keep having problems with my Steepster tweets not going out. I discovered the reason may be that the URLs aren’t always shortened which results in tweets greater than the allotted 140 characters. I figured out how to recreate them manually but I wonder if there’s a quicker way?

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Caitlin said

I would probably just link to my page since the tasting note is displayed there, but that doesn’t link to a specific tasting note.

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You could just also click on “Comments” at the bottom of your review, then copy the url (e.g. and remove the #comments portion:

That works too, thanks! I was trying to exactly duplicate the URL Steepster creates but yours essentially gets them to the same place and seems easier.

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Janefan said

Mine aren’t going out automatically anymore either… I wonder how long it’s been that way? I haven’t been on twitter much lately though, but still, Steepster and Librarything are the only apps I use. I will try to look at it more closely tomorrow & see what’s going on with mine…

Anyone else having problems?

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