Rescued From Retirement (A 52Teas & iHeartTeas Venture) - Updated 6/14/11

Hi everyone, I have created a new 52Teas Assortment Set but I only have a limited number to go around.

Here is the listing…. Enjoy!

Teas can be purchased by going to and/or

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This is great. I can’t wait for the Watermelon Raspberry Green I ordered!

I can’t wait to see what you think of it. It has been shipped out. Also, I just added 9 pouches of Kitchen Sink to my tea shop. Only $5.99 and for this one only FREE Shipping to anywhere. I’d jump on it before it’s gone. :)

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This is so awesome! I never would have tried this Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, which is now a cupboard essential. I gulped one cup and will resteep – but the tea bag I made is still HOT! That’s how good this is! :)

I know what you mean. It is sinfully delicious!

Uniquity said

I got (another) one when Frank did a reblend of it a few months (?) back…it’s a favourite at our house!

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Hi just a heads up… Only 3 pouches of the Watermelon Raspberry Green Tea left, 5 Kitchen Sink which is being shipped for FREE anywhere, and lastly only 1 Chicago Tea Garden Zealong Oolong Sampler set left.

Thanks for your interest!

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Janefan said

Rachel – you may want to add something like “UPDATED MM/DD:” to your initial post when you make changes. I clicked over from the discussion page, didn’t see anything that indicated a recent comment, and left without skimming even your initial post. Then I though better of it and went back. The initial post still says you “said” this 15 days ago – I guess it doesn’t update when you make an edit to an existing post!

Janefan said

ps – hooray for rescuing the Butter Pecan Black! I’m caving right now.

Thank you for the heads up. I added a date to the post. Also I saw your order and thank you. It will be shipped out very soon. :-)

Janefan said

Thanks – It arrived Saturday just like you said it would. :-) I haven’t even had time to try it yet…and now I think I need to order the blueberry danish too…

@Janefan I would get it before it sells out soon :-)

Janefan said

argh I was about too, but then common sense kicked in. I have no spare $$ this month and have not even touched the last 3 teas I ordered from 52teas (not to mention a bunch of samplers from Sanctuary T. So the blueberry danish is staying on the wishlist for now… Sorry!

@Janefan I totally understand. You never know maybe when you are ready there may be a pouch left. :-)

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Thanks for the heads up. Purchased some cheese danish just now. :)

Thanks so much!

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Rachel, I would like to get some of the 52teas blueberry danish tea, but the teatrade page will only show me 1-12 of 19 items — when I click on “next” it doesn’t take me to the second page, which is where I assume this tea is located. I’ve tried over and over again and it doesn’t work. Can you please post or send me a direct link to that specific product? Thanks!

How very strange, I was able to get to the second page. Nevertheless, sorry about that here is the direct link…

ssajami said

Infusin_Susan, what browser are you using? In the past I have come across some issues with the teatreade site using Firefox. Maybe that’s the problem?

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Yes, I’m using firefox. Hadn’t thought that could be the problem. I’ll try explorer next time. Thanks.

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In efforts to reduce some stock I have posted a single set of 4 Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Pouch for $30 plus $4 shipping to the US only. I only have the one set. Act fast…

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