Brewing Jasmine with Long Jing green tea?

I bought a 2 oz package of Jasmine tea/buds.
I was thinking of brewing it with some green to make my own jasmine green tea.
I have Dragon Well at the moment so I’ll use that.
Any suggestions on how to go about brewing these together..steeping temps, times etc?
Thanks, Clark

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Ubacat said

I would just brew it like a regular Jasmine green tea at 80C – 1-2 minutes. You could also try brewing the jasmine at boiling water first and then when the temperature is at 80C add the long jing and brew 1-2 minutes.

You probably won’t get as nice of a jasmine tea compared to a green tea that’s been infused with jasmine. I’m still curious to how it will turn out.

As I was searching online, I realized that (as you mentioned) Jasmine is infused with Green. The package states that I have to boil the buds for at least 10 minutes before serving. I guess I’ll do that then wait for it to reduce in temp, then add the green. I’m curious as well to see what it tastes like.

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