evevvren said

Genmaicha from David's

hey everyone! tea noob here :3 happy to make your acquaintance ~

so, i’ve given up coffee for may and have been dabbling in green teas. i purchased the genmaicha and matcha genmaicha from david’s tea and i find there’s BARELY any leaves in it – it’s almost all rice. i love the rice flavour but i really do want the benefits of green tea while i’m drinking it.

i know it’s supposed to have quite a bit of rice in it but could anyone offer any advice or photos or ratio information?? trying to see if i should go back and complain that they didn’t mix up the ratio enough? rice is cheap af and i don’t think i should be paying almost 15 dollars for a hundred grams of roasted rice pellets.

merci beaucoup :*

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evevvren said

also, do any of you work at david’s? the matcha genmaicha i bought seems to have hardly any matcha – is there any chance that maybe the matcha falls to the bottom of the larger bin? should i be going back and asking them to scoop deeper/shake the bin a bit before they fill my container? it was over 25 dollars for 100g so i think there should be a bit more matcha.

i think this is a case of the employees neglecting to gently roll the tea bins before filling canisters?

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MrQuackers said

I think the whole “matcha with regular tea” thing is like that.

If you go and buy a box of tea bags and it says “with matcha” you get very little.

However, just cleaning off my matcha whisk is enough to colour water green :)

Course I would like to see you get more matcha. :))

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