Does anybody know about some cute teapots i can buy on-line?

I want to buy cute tea stuff but here in my city i cant find any so i decided to look in internet…do u know some?

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Cofftea said

Cute is just as subjective as flavor in tea. Different people like different things. You’ll need to make that decision yourself. Google “teapots”.

thanks :)

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kuanyin said
If you are not kidding, and you are asking for a recommended source, then I would suggest you start at Amazon.
Cofftea said

You’ve had a point with other people, but that “Are you kidding?” comment is completely uncalled for. The way I took the post is that she’s looking for product, not company, recommendations which is why I didn’t give any. Asking for advice on vendors is more practical, but I don’t think that’s what she was looking for.

hehehe im not kidding, and thanks i did found a cute one in amazon, i posted the link down if you want to see it.

Cofftea said

Edited, it still sounds snotty and rude. Why on earth would someone “kid” about that?

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Mel said

I have seen some cute ones on eBay. Maybe check etsy for teapot stuff, too.

Though from personal experience, cute doesn’t always equal functional.
I usually buy most my tea related items from thrift stores.

oooh yes i had bought cute teapots for my own since im a girl and usually like this stuff and i know too they arent so functional, mostly they are decorative or collectives, but this one is for a gift. Thanks site its quite good :)

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Does anyone own the Wabi Sabi teapot from Samovar Life?

look for it on ebay or amazon perhaps there it is

kuanyin said

Umm, no, but I admit that I might soon after reading about it. Is it as wonderful as they say?

It is only $20.
I was just wondering if anyone had any hands on experience with this little pot. I am a little fearful of the mesh inside the pot…what is it made from? Will it taint my tea?

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i found some in amazon too :) take a look
found it by placing “cute teapots” but i want to see more, its for a gift to the daugther of a friend of mine. She loves tea and she takes care of delicate stuff as i believe. Do you like it?

I think that’s an adorable gift!

That’s really cute! Thanks for sharing the link. :)

:) thank you :D

kuanyin said

(If this is duplicate, sorry, I thought I replied and it isn’t showing up). I think that is a great gift and even the company name says it all! Thank you for not taking offense, I was only wondering because it seemed like such an open ended question. But now I see what you really meant.

oooh dont worry :)

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I got a “Stumpy” teapot from ForLife design. I really like it – modern, serves about 2-2.5 cups, a good filter that keeps out the tea leaves. It costs about £20 (UK) not sure, but I know you can get them from Amazon. Good luck.


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The Leaf Method has teapots that might be defined as ‘cute.’

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There are some definite cutie ones at Stash, and sometimes the price is right. There’s a cute owl tea set, one from Alice in Wonderland and others.

I’m a Fiestaware nut so I have a couple in Fiesta colors too. For the best Fiestaware deals check out Macy’s, Bloomingdales and, of course, eBay.

This will be a fun project for you! Enjoy! :)

Thanks :D its is fun :)

SimplyJenW said

How do the Fiestware pots pour? I have always been afraid to try one, but I need a smallish teapot, so I was considering the 2 cupper. Will it fit a basket infuser? And yes, I am a Fiestaware nut, too. I live near the factory and loooove to go shopping in the seconds room……

I’m not sure if the basket will fit…I usually use the tea bag filters from Adagio to brew my tea. The pots do pour well, though.

I’m jealous you live so close to the factory! I did once make a road trip specifically to go to the factory, though. I think I’m due for another trip soon…

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I too am a Fiesta nut.
Have you considered a 2 Cup Chatsford? They match the Fiestaware nicely.
I love this teapot, pours beautifully and the large infuser basket will not let even the teenist leave into your cup. Here lately I have been using the infuser basket in one of my tall teacups and just brewing one tsp of tea at a time:)
Upton tea has a good selection of Chatsford teapots and the shipping is under $5

SimplyJenW said

I will look into the Chatsord. I frequently order from Upton. My big teapot is from For Life (in my avatar.) I love it, but sometimes it is just a little too big.

I’m gonna check out Chatsford as well! Thanks for the tip. I’ve never ordered from Upton, but if I order a teapot, I’ll have to get some tea to go with it! :-P

I’ve had my little blue Chatsford for years and love it! And yes, the infuser basket works nicely in many mugs, making for a neat and tidy brewing experience.

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Look on
That is where I found my newest teapot!
It is in transit from UK, I can’t wait to get her:)

thanks :D and i hope u get your teapot soon :)

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