Good Teavana Experience with Peppermint Recall

Let me start off by saying that I have never had a bad experience really at Teavana. I usually have a list of teas and I tell them what I want. They always tell me about the german rock sugar and the canisters, which is apart of their jobs. So nothing unusual or added pressure there.
I purchased some peppermint tea late January and really only drank 2 teaspoons of it. I heard about the recall and thought that it would be just the refund of what I purchased so I was not in any hurry to do it. I decided to go after work, since the mall is not far from it.
I arrived with my 5 year old Teavana canister that I have been reusing with different teas that I put the peppermint tea in. A woman behind the counter greeted me. I told her that I wanted to do the recall of the peppermint tea that I purchased. She told me that she had to call someone on how to do it. She was on the phone for 5 minutes. When she got off she said that she had the first part down and needed my address and email so they can send me my refund. I was a little put off since I thought that I would just get a refund in the store, but I did not say anything. I gave her my address and she said that she had to call again to see what she had to do next. I told her I was going to walk around the store, since she said it would be awhile. After about 10 minutes she hung up the phone, and said that she knew what to do.

She told me I would get a $25.00 gift card in the mail.Then she said it could be up to $50.00 but not to quote her on that and laughed. I told her that either way the $25.00 was 5 times more then I was expecting. Then she said that would make me a cup of any tea that I would want as well as 2oz of any herbal tea. I honestly have never really looked at the herbals before so I smelled a few then said that I would take the vanilla honeybush. I told her I wanted it back in my old Teavana tea canister that I bought the peppermint in. She smiled and reached for a bigger canister and started pouring the tea in. I was shocked and said thanks for the upgrade, since I have had the canister since my first trip to Teavana 5 years ago in Atlanta. She asked which tea I wanted her to make. I picked the monkey picked oolong. She made it and asked if she could get me anything else. I told her I wanted to purchase 2 oz’s of the rooibos chai. As she was pouring she measured out 2oz then put in an extra scoop and smiled at me. I told her thanks and she rang me out for the 2oz.

This was the best experience at Teavana I have had… I stopped going since last January since I have been buying tea from Samovar, David’s Tea, and Adagio. While Teavana is expensive on some of their teas. I still like some of their tea. Mostly their black and Mate teas.
I can’t wait for my gift card to come so I can get some Monkey Picked oolong fro free….lol.

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Wow, I am impressed with the treatment you received. That is wonderful. Unfortunately, things have never been that way for me. It just goes to show customer service depends on the employee. They hired a wonderful person and perhaps that person is being treated well by the company thus wonderful customer service. The same does not apply to my local store. Lots of turn over, no energy, and open expression of dissatisfaction is observed on occasion. Seems like management may be doing a good job at your location or perhaps the person that helped you was just a shining star. Either way I am happy for your experience.

Rachel, are you talking about the one at Woodfield mall? I agree, the customer service there is lacking — when I go there I am either ignored completely, or given the hard sell (complete with the “your tea will go stale in a week if you don’t buy an overpriced tin” nonsense). I don’t particularly like the way Teavana does business, but I do like a few of their teas and purchase them from time to time.

Yes, I was referring to Woodfield Mall. I have also had a simalar experience at the one in Water Tower Place downtown on more than one occasion.

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Darn! We (and by we I mean my dear husband) simply tossed the peppermint tea in the trash when he heard of the issues. I could likely harm him now. But then again he doesn’t usually begrudge me any tea buying. Nice to hear you had such a great experience there!

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Yes. Everyone can have a different experience depending on the sales person. I was just lucky that she went beyond a gave me some extra tea. I think the complementary drink and 2oz of herbal, and the gift card are apart of the recall.

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So an update. Just got an email saying that my $25.00 gift card is on it’s way.

That’s fantastic. :-)

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