World Tea Expo

Hi there – is anyone (or any tea company) attending the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas this year? I’m working on a feature for my blog, and would love to get feedback from anyone attending, as well as any previous attendees.

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Thanks! :)

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Not this year but I am hoping to go next year.

Me too! :)

That’s awesome we should make plans to go together. If you want. Maybe more people are interested and it can be a group thing.

That sounds like a plan! :)

Now I am super excited. It’s gotta be fun hangin’ out with other tea addicts like myself. Also keep an eye out for a Tuesday or Wednesday. I will have a new tea posted on for sure. Of course it will be super yummy too, as I have already done the taste test. Can’t wait!

I wish it looks very cool. Something to work towards for next year!

Ashanti said

Yes! I live in Las Vegas and this will be my second time going. I will also be starting a tea company this year. I would love to meet any of you that will be out here this year!

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AJ said

If I remember correctly, Lauren from the Great Wall Tea Company was going to go. I don’t know if they’re planning on going to represent the company, or just as tea enthusiasts.

This year or next?

AJ said

This year, from what I understand.

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Jillian said

Sadly I don’t have the money to be going all the way to Vegas. I also thought I recalled reading on their website that the World Tea Expo was only open to people in the tea trade and the press.

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Riverine said

Is it in Vegas every year?

They held it in Atlanta 3 years ago but brought it back to Vegas due to the lack of turnout.

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You are correct that the Expo is only open to people in the tea trade. I will be attending the expo again this year. I have been attending since 2007. It is really exciting to see how much the industry is growing each year. The innovative products that come to market each year is always cool to see also. It is with deep regret I will not be taking any of the classes this year. What kind of information are you looking to get? FYI they do not allow pictures to be taken in the exhibit hall.

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I wish i could go! I am going to the one in philly though i hope

one in Philly? Please tell!

I was confused about that! Is it only for industry people or can regular people go off the street?

industry, but claim press/blogger :)

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We traveled over from Australia to attend last year but can’t make it this year. Happy to chat about our experience if you like for your Blog. Feel free to email me [email protected].

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I will be there. Hopefully I am not too late to this posting.

I will be with the people. Come by the booth or PM if you want to meet up at any point

or email: [email protected]

What is your booth number?

I believe #624. My name is Sean and I am a Rep for Runa, I look forward to meeting you.

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Thanks all! I’ll contact each of you individually to get more feedback. I appreciate all the help, though! You guys ROCK! :)

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I’ll be at the Expos again this year – THISTLEDOWN COZIES – booth 701 in Vegas, booth 310 in Pilly. From what I hear attendance for Las Vegas is going to be high again – and lots of vendors too – exciting! It truly is THE place to be for tea – so much knowledge wandering the aisles.
Bringing my “Camo” camouflage HOB, the man’s man cozy.
I don’t think there are restrictions on photos – I’ve taken some in the past.

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