Frank is really NOT an evil spammer, I promise...

It was brought to my attention about a week ago that our email posts were not going out. I looked into it and sure enough, something was wrong with our website’s email program.

It has taken me a full week to figure out what was wrong, but I have now finally resolved the issue. Unfortunately, my website is now trying to kill itself by sending out all of the emails that previously did not go out (including one or two that I tried several times to send with no success).

I just wanted to apologize to those of you who have received/will receive over the next few hours a bunch of emails from us. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it stop. Remember, I’m a tea blender, not a web guru.

At this point, I can’t even post our new tea of the week for fear of overloading the email system. When the dust clears (in a few hours, I think (My email program can only send 400 emails per hour and we have a lot more than that on our mailing list)), I will post the tea of the week, and your inbox should quiet down—at least in regard to OUR emails.

I am very sorry. Please don’t unsubscribe.


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SimplyJenW said

Thanks for the heads up and the honesty. It is so refreshing!

marisa said

Hi my name is marisa and I am new but i had a tea at aveda when i had a spa day. It was peperment and licorice root it was soooooo good and sweet. I am new to the tea world but would like to know where i can but this or how to mix it and where to find it to buy. Thanks my e-mail is [email protected]

SimplyJenW said

First off, it is never a good idea to post your email address on a public message board. I am not wanting to sound mean, it is just that real spammers get ahold of your email and send a crazy amount of messages your way. Second, I have seen recipes online (try Google for a search) for the tea that you are referring to, and you can usually get the ingredients at health food stores.

Cofftea said

I’ve never once gotten spam related to any public posting of my e-mail (Facebook and Steepster). Anyway, back to your question- it can be found at Aveda salons or at

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No worries. I have only gotten one and honestly I don’t mind emails from you. :-) However, I do appreciate the heads up.

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LOL and I was wondering why I got the same email like a whole buncha times

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It’s OK… I much prefer tea spam to spam about enlarging … err … um … nevermind.

Yeah. I hate it when I get those emails about enhancing my bust. My moobs are big enough! =)

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Cofftea said

I got it two or 3. I just thought I was loosing it and never marked it as “read”. Spam flavored tea next week?

Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam. Wait, it’s towel day, not Monty Python Status Day (That was last week).

Hope everybody remembered their towel today.

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