marisa said

peperment and licorice

Hi my name is marisa and I am new but i had a tea at aveda when i had a spa day. It was peperment and licorice root it was soooooo good and sweet. I am new to the tea world but would like to know where i can but this or how to mix it and where to find it to buy. O and I keep getting an email from dragon tea is that a good place to order teas from? Thanks for your help

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Frolic select said

I believe Aveda sells it a their store.

I have a big bottle of it lurking at the back of my tea drawers.

Here is where you can order it online

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That tisane is called Comforting. You can see what some of us think of that at The ratings are pretty good.

Also, is that Dragon, Dragonwater or Dragon Pearl? Can you share the link?

marisa said

Thank you so much. And it was dragonwater that sent me a e mail is this a good tea website or should I watch out?

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