JUNE IS NATIONAL ICED TEA MONTH- WHO ARE you celebrating with???

I’m Definitely celebrating with LUZIANNE TEA… they are giving away samples and free tea all month. I just voted SWEET in their R U SWEET OR UNSWEET POll… definitely going to brew some up after work today to kick off this Sweet month!!!


Their National Iced Tea Month Press Releases

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And you are?? Ahem, spam!

Cofftea said

Really there’s no need. An e-mail to Jason, Ricky, Mike, or Jack not only will suffice, but is much more appropriate. …Especially when I think this is just misplaced. This is actually a legit contest and would be best in the contest thread.

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I can never get a reply out of Jason. So I gave up!

Cofftea said

Hm. I normally get a reply very quickly. Your choice though. But then don’t point it out publicly if you don’t wish to follow the protocol he wishes us to take… especially if, as in this case, chances are you’re wrong.

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