TeaPro said

Need opinion of all the tea lovers here!!!

Hi everyone!!

My boyfriend and I love drinking tea (especially green teas). However we often over-brew it, making the tea taste quite bitter. So we had this idea for a new tea brewing product that measures the tea strength.

However, before starting a new business venture, we would love to know what other tea lovers think of this idea :-)

It would be so amazing if you could take 1 minute of your time and take this short survey: https://tatjana16.typeform.com/to/gspRlj

That would really help us!
Thank you!

Tatjana x

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AllanK said

I didn’t get past the first question of your survey because for some reason you think everyone uses tea bags or tea ball infusers. Goongfu teapots were not an option so I didn’t finish your survey. And you don’t need new technology to avoid overbrewing tea. You simply need to learn what you are doing. Green teas in particular need to be brewed at lower temperature. I device to ensure this already exists. It is called a variable temperature kettle. The second thing you need to do is use the right amount of tea for how you like your tea. The third thing you need to do is learn what brewing time to give the tea. With a new tea this can be trial and error but no new tech is needed.

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People have different tastes and perceive overbrewing differently. That also changes with how you brew, the tea you are using, and quality of the tea.

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Ken said

Over and underbrewing is part of the experience that makes tea interesting. If I wanted the same taste everytime, I would drink tea bag type tea. But I like experiences the differences between years, estates, brewing parameters. Its what really gives you the experience of tea drinking.

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Lynxiebrat said

Or alternatively you could use a tea temperature thromometer…they sell them on Amazon. Many tea websites have suggestions as to what temp to brew their tea at (If there is no directions on the box you got your tea in.) If it’s a brand thats been around for a while, pretty good chance that someone has done a review of it. I havn’t taken your survey because I use a steeper cup almost exclusively.

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