Shipping Charges?

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I usually don’t mind so long as when it gets here i know they didn’t make money off shipping (how do i know? i weigh the box!)

so i would say by weight is my preference, and as an ebay seller i know i can about guess how much packaging is required per ounce of product, sometimes i am a bit off but overall i got the hang of it.

Cofftea said

No kidding, I ordered from Rishi and it was ~$8 to ship a 50g pouch of tea the 90 miles to my house.

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denisend said

Sometimes shipping seems “high” because of the vendor’s choice in carrier. UPS is one of the causes here – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a UPS package for less than $8.

On the other hand, UPS provides a much higher level of service than USPS, so I don’t mind paying extra.

Lots of shipping has been shut down in our region for the snow storm… but UPS has been running throughout the week – it’s limited, but they’re still working.

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Has anyone ordered from NecessiTeas?
I was wondering how much their shipping charges are?
I did not want to set up an account with them just to see….so I was hoping someone would know!

oh yes i have! let me find my receipt for you (get the rootbeer float, trust me)

1 x Chocolate Orange Sample = $2.00
1 x Peppermint Pattie Sample = $2.00
1 x Root Beer Float Sample = $2.00
1 x Strawberry Kiwi Sample = $2.00
Sub-Total: $8.00
Flat Rate (Best Way): $6.75
Total: $14.75

Thanks AmazonV for the information. Now, I just have to figure out what to order. I really want to try the chocolate hazelnut, but it does not come in the sample sizes:( I will look into the root beer float! Thanks again.

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