Sneak Preview of Our New Tea Collection! A "Masculine" Take on Tea

Hey Steepster Friends,

Check out our newest tea collection: Mentor Tea! It is officially going public on our newsletter tomorrow, but we thought we would share this new line with you first!

Inspired by the Mentors in our lives, we here at Sanctuary T Shop crafted a line of teas with bold flavors and plenty of character. Currently we have 2 blends and a special Father’s Day Gift Set!

So check it out!

Sanctuary T Shop

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Cofftea said

Not very descriptive. Does the “After Hours” blend have a liquor flavor to it? What are the flavors/qualities? What teas are they made out of? Love the names, but I think Frank has one up on you at this point.

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The Morning After tea… lol! :) Great names for the teas. The packaging is nice, too. It’s a great style.

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kuanyin said

I really like the look of the cans and the site. But, I would never buy something with so little information, it needs more than just the masculinity to sell it. What tea is in them? For men who do drink tea, they know what they like and they want that. (Don’t they?) If they got the no nonsense, masculine packaging AND tea information, I would think you would be on mark.

If you want to get men that don’t drink tea, I don’t think that will do it. My husband won’t drink tea. I know I could make him a nice cup of Assam that he would like very much. But he doesn’t want to drink it. The only way to get him to drink it would be to pretend it was coffee. Hmm…might work….

hmmm, I don’t know, I was pretty taken in by the brevity of the information. There’s a few things on the writing of the ad copy that I might change or add. For example, the word “aged” needs to be used somewhere in the blurb for the After Hours tea.

Good imagery though and top-notch web design, all the best things are being done there. Your designer is very good!

I clicked the buy now button, the only thing that kept me from buying was the price ($16 is steep for 4 ounces of tea) and the lengthy shopping cart ride.

Leafbox Tea

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Packaging design is good. Some reference to region of the Black Tea and age of the Pu’er would be great. Like others have said, knowing if this is an Indian Black or Chinese Black would be helpful for those who care.

Besides that it looks really great. Should sell well as a nice gift.

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