Tea Blogs!

Hey guys! figured this was a great way to see a bunch of tea enthusiast’s blogs! I just started a new one today and would love to follow some fellow tea-aholics if any of you guys are using blogspot.com

Feel free to post your tea blogs here!

Mine: www.theteacupoflife.blogspot.com

Enjoy! :) Looking forward to reading your blogs!

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Also, looking to start featuring more tea reviews, and interviews with tea writers, consultants, steepster, companies, events etc! email me if you want to chat. I’ll promote it all on my blog :)

Email: [email protected]

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We (the SororiTea Sisters) have a blog: http://sororiteasisters.com

If you’d like, Lu Ann, we could exchange links and cross promote!

Sounds great! I’m just starting to compile a list of other neat tea blogs to my blog! I’ll add you on :) Love the name by the way!!!


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Cofftea said

For the sake of not reinventing the wheel, shall we continue this discussion on the already existing thread? http://steepster.com/discuss/65-tea-blogs

I don’t see a problem with starting a new thread if the existing thread is a year old…

Sorry! I noticed that thread before but also saw it was a year old and there are actually quite a few discussions on here about tea blogs, that one just so happened to have the same title as mine.

No problem starting a new one. No harm no foul. :-) At least from my point of view.

Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have checked out the old thread, because… well, it’s old. I think it’s better to start a new thread when the topic has attained a certain age.

I have to agree with LiberTEAS, I am fairly new to the steepster community but if the thread is a year old I am not going to open it.

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I have two:

http://littlemewbrew.teatra.de/ (business venture) and http://wifeywoman.teatra.de/ (reviews and such) :)

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I too have two… www.iHeartTeas.com and www.RachelsTeaCupboard.teatra.de (My Tea Reviews). Thanks and hope you enjoy it.

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Tamara Fox said

One of my fave tea blogs: http://teaspoonsandpetals.typepad.com/

Me too! the author, alexis, is wonderful! I’ll be featuring an interview with her on my blog sometime this week :)

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I have a Blog dedicated to mostly Yerba Mate. I also feature Guayusa Herbal tea, and random industry news I enjoy.

Check it here: www.shadetreemate.com/blog

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Lu Ann, I really liked the recipe you posted about bubble tea, I am inspired now to try making it on my own…

Thanks! There will be many more recipes as well, I can let you know if I come across anymore bubble tea ones especially. Let me know how you liked the recipe when you try it :)

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Even though Lu Ann and I have already chatted, I feel compelled to post mine here too: keenteathyme.blogspot.com

It’s great to share content ideas, tea-fun and more. :) And hey, if you want to be a CelebriTEA on my blog, PM me for more info. (A marketing/promotion tool for fellow tea bloggers.) :)

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twiggles said

I can’t wait to check out your blog Lu Ann! Here’s mine:

Thank you :) I just checked out yours, about to follow it. LOVE the ice tea pops. I’m going to have to try them

twiggles said

great! good luck with them, i wasn’t able to get the flavors right the first time. let me know how they turn out!

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