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Wow… I just found this site yesterday, and I am still in great awe… it’s like finding my own personal heaven. Or crack house. Haven’t decided which yet. And now to see all these tea blogs… yikes! I am never going to get any work done. But I might get more of my tea stash drank so I can buy more.

I have a blog, but it’s not just about tea. I’ve just started reviewing my favorite tea places on Tuesdays.


Welcome to our “Crack House” Oh,umm I mean Steepster. It is great fun, most everyone is super nice and eager to help. Also a wonderful source of information and entertainment. I have now been an addict for almost 1 1/2 years, no plans to quit either.

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hey bloggers, I’m a blogger too! (imagine that). I write about various health+beauty topics at www.bijabody.com/blog, and have a tea company where we blend organic, fair-trade oolong and pu-erhs with herbs and spices traditionally used for skin and metabolism well-being (http://bijabody.com/products/beautifying-tea-blends). I’d love to send you a sample. email me at melissa{at}bijabody.com if you’re interested and we’ll get you one in the mail. The company has a great social venture component, and we’d like all the blogging community support we can get! You can also Facebook us. xo, Melissa

How wonderful thank you! I have sent you an email. Btw, beautiful site.

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teaINfuse said

I have a Vlog video blog it is here
please look in on it.. tea and teaware that’s what the vids will be about
make tea not war

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inori-llc said

I just started my first tea blog called Tea just got personal. Taking about my journey to Uji Japan and how I was able to grow during all of that. Please check out my blog Lu Ann! at https://inori.us/blogs/best-tea-from-japan

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