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Custom tea packaging?

Does anyone know about the process of order/creating/arranging to have custom tea packaging created? Do you know of a good company that handles this?

We’re trying to figure out how we might create Steepster branded tea packaging, which could be anything from tins and bags to shipping boxes and labels. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated!

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What kinds of quantities are you looking for? That will be important to determine the path you will need to take.

Jason admin said

Probably sample size but would love to see if there were options of different sized samples. Maybe 7-30 grams? And probably loose form (not tea bags) if that helps…

Sorry, I meant the qty of skus/packages you would want to create. That will help determine if these would be created by hand or run through a packaging machine.

Jason admin said

Ohhh, I’d guess maybe 150-600/month (still trying to gauge the participation). But we’d be willing to buy extra stock upfront as long as we could find a way to put a new label on the custom packaging each month.

Jason, given the quantities you are looking at, the best approach would be to purchase generic pouches from someone like pacific bag (http://www.pacificbag.com/index.php/catalog_products/2oz_60g_standup_pouch) The price of each bag will be ~17cents.

Next, you will need a label (http://www.onlinelabels.com/OL575.htm?search=OL575&st=s#MaterialsPricing) that you will print your designs on. This will run you ~2-6 cents each.

I would suggest also purchasing a heat-sealer in order to preserve freshness as well as giving customers some piece of mind, but this may run you a few hundred dollars, so you can probably skip this until you have some more knowledge on the viability of the project.

If you decide to do the handling/sealing at your facility, you will need to read up on local laws and find out if you need any permits to handle food products. You will also not be able to offer organic teas since your location is not certified. Keep in mind that you can still sell organic tea, but will not be able to claim it is organic.

Also, do not underestimate the amount of time it will take to print, adhere, fill, seal, store, generate shipping labels, invoice customers, and finally ship the teas. Also be mindful that you may need to provide tracking info, work with UPS to hunt down missing/lost packages, issue refunds, answer customer service, field phone calls, etc…

I would suggest chatting with Frank at 52teas, as well as some other boutique tea vendors such as Andrews & Dunham at Damn Fine Teas.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions I can help you with.

Jason admin said

This is super helpful. Thanks for all the info! I’ll let you know if any other questions come up along the way.

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Pacific Bag does nice packaging for many resellers. I go there and buy little boxes of plain bags, but I know you can get them printed up for a fair price. They offer vacuum bags as well! http://www.pacificbag.com/index.php/custom_packaging/custom_printing

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