Chinese Pinyin Name Or Literally translated Tea name?

Recently, Jon helped Added tealist for gylxtea. And i noticced it is interesting that some places which produced puertea were translated into English. I also noticed that some people have already got used to pinyin name of Puer tea. what are you guys’s opinions?

For example Xiaohusai or Little family? MangFei or Busy lungs? Old Man E or LaoManE? Iceland King or Bingdao Wan?

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onjinone said

This can create confusion in my opinion because it’s inconsistent and translations are not always perfect or accurate but it is easier for people to pronounce and understand

ok, i would edit those teas into pinyin now i think

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apefuzz said

I think most people are used to pinyin at this point, especially in the puerh realm. You would probably run into more confusion (and less name recognition) if you used the English translations.

I don’t think many people will be ready to buy a cake of Busy Lungs, but most will recognize Mang Fei!

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