Cofftea said

Quality tea

What makes a good/quality cup of tea?

*strength of flavor?
*balance of flavors (if more than one)?
*liquor? (I call these 3 “the trifecta”)
*smell of raw leaves?
*watching it steep?
*best prepared “as directed”?
*best prepared by industry standard?
*best prepared another way you think tastes best?
*how it tastes hot, chilled, and/or iced (or using tea cubes)?
*amount of leaf needed to make the best cup of tea?
*number of quality infusions you can get from one portion of leaves?
*single infusion price per cup?
*multiple infusion price per cup?
*price per ounce/gram?
*price w/o shipping (if applicable)
*price including shipping (if applicable)
*how it tastes alone?
*how it tastes paired w/ food?

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PeteG said

I am coming to learn that quality tea is a process. It is how the local farmer or multinational co. decides how the tea is grown, nutured, picked, packaged, shipped and distributed thru the middle “man” and sellers to u and I. As a tea lover I am slowly asking questions fm my seller, finding out how my tea is processed etc. As well, good conversation with small groups of relaxed, friendly people contribute to the enjoyment of find teas….quality company(?)

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Keemun said

…relax. Number of possible brews out of one portion tea can be a indicator.
But basically the golden rule is: Tea tastes great = very good tea.
Don’t judge a tea by its flashy tin or posh brand name. The taste is essential…

I totally agree. some of the best teas come from the most unknown places. don’t buy it just cause it “looks” nice on the shelf. I usally try to go by whats been written about a tea and what others have said.

Cofftea said

I agree, if I’m looking for a pretty container (and there is absolutely nothing wrong w/ a pretty container lol), I’ll buy it empty. A pretty container filled w/ your favorite tea is always best:)

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Taste and enjoyment factor – nothing more, do I like it, would I recommend it and would I buy it again.

Things like value for money are important but thats more of a reflection of the vendor rather than the tea.

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