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Anhui Green Tea-The Green Gold

Anhui green tea is the representative tea of high quality among China green teas. The growing area is very broad, mainly locating around Huangshan Mountainous, Da Bie Shan Mountainous and the highland of the south Anhui Province.

Anhui green tea has long been praised in the international tea markets. It is fine processed and graded distinctively. The main products include: Chunmee, Hyson, Young Hyson, Sammie, Gunpowder, Fannings, etc. The leaves of Chunmee are tightly rolled like eyebrow and that of Hyson are neat like fist. All of these teas are silver green and glossy with fragrance, flavor mellow and sweetness, its beverage tender-yellow and purely brightness, landing leaves thicket, soft and uniform in sizer. You may brew the tea with boiled water or boil the tea beverage with some mint and sugar. Then a fully fresh taste goes through the throat with fragrance remaining in the mouth and a rich mellow taste left after drinking. What a enjoyment in life it would be to drink such kind of teas!

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