Are you a tea company interested in sponsoring tea at a geeky kink event?

if you would be interested in sponsoring please drop a line (private message is OK too) – at price, free tea, whatever you want to offer up

there is an attempt to setup tea flights to introduce people to tea, as well as a tea and coffee shop

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Frolic select said

Are you on fetlife? There’s a tea group on their it’s not that active but there might be someone there with some connections.

yup, was using the geeky event, i’ll go dig up the tea group as well, i’m plastering FB/Twitter/etc in case i can catch any tea companies attention

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I looked at this site when you posted it on Facebook, and honestly, I can’t find anyplace that clearly outlines exactly what we would be sponsoring. Would like to know more about the event, what sort of publicity we would get and what sort of attendance you are expecting.

Sorry there wasn’t any information on the website, usually Jeff (founder) approaches sponsors individually – he has few tea companies he has contacts at so i’m trying to drum some up contacts.

From what i understand there are 3 different events that would involve tea-recommended tea pairings in the restaurant with the meals (which we can sell), tea sample flights and educational sessions (hoping to give away), and a tea and coffee shop (plan to sell to drink there, possibly to bring home as well).

Here is the information i have from Jeff ([email protected]);
You can email him or the vendor team ([email protected]) if you have any specific questions / interest (I know i would LOVE 52 teas to have some teas at the event, esp. if i get to run some of the flights!)

The event expects an attendance of 700-900 attendees, age demographic primarily 25-49 with a reasonable contingent in the 55-65 range; about 25% are likely to be students; the median household income is estimated at $50,000. It’s not a large event, but we very strongly believe that the attendees are going to be extremely open-minded and receptive towards interesting and unique products, which is the historical case at most kink events.

All sponsorships are custom; the founder’s background is in corporate marketing, and before he went into doing events. What we prefer to do, when possible, is ask people what their marketing objectives are, and create a custom solution designed to try to maximize peoples’ actual return on investment for sponsoring us. However, not everyone wants to work that way – on a more basic level, we’d love to have some tea [free, or at price] people can try out at our café, and we’d love to have literature about their tea at the café, and we are thinking about assembling a “book” on our various teas and pastries and having several copies available in the café and restaurant—and if their tea goes over well, the hotel restaurant is strongly likely to consider ordering from them in the future, too.

I think we’re looking for free or discounted teas, and would be more than happy to put the 52teas logo/website on all the menus etc. where we list the teas, possibly the schedule / welcome packets?, possibly even on the event boards? the vendor team might be able to offer up more ideas based on your desired exposure/spend.

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Tea companies have always been active in sponsoring different events and especially events that are close to education must always be encouraged so that they can utilize and can be handled with different situations in an effective manner.

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