Tea Flights

I am helping to come up with tea flights for http://thegeekykinkevent.tumblr.com in november – better to start early!

There will be a mixture of tea people through tea newbies so i want to make 5 “flights” (sampling sets) of tea to show people the range of teas that are out there – hopefully that appeal to both new and experienced drinkers

any ideas appreciated!
And one with one of each Black, oolong, green, white

Also how many do you think for each 4?

Ps-usually you want to go light to heavy

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PS-this is a geek oriented event, so extra bonus points for geeky nicknames like “earl grey, hot”

That being said, you totally have to use it! Perhaps one of the most famous (geeky) tea phrases ever uttered on tv, and I’m not ashamed to say that’s why I ventured to try Earl Grey.

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Cofftea said

Hm not sure how many of each, but hear are some ideas for you to include:
Black-a Yunnan tea, lapsang souchong, earl grey, chai (both loose leaf and instant- and for instant both containing dairy and not containing dairy), a flavored green (fruity or floral), and a dessert tea
oolong- at least one each green and darker oolong
Green-a mix of Japanese and Chinese greens including matcha
Herbal- green and red bush, honeybush, mate (roasted and unroasted)
Also Sheng and Shu Pu Erh

Thanks! i’d be a bit afriad to include matcha unless i could coerce a few of the tea drinkers in the group to work in the shop (bad matcha might turn newbies off!)

Cofftea said

Well yes. Any bad tea would be a turn off. Never had bad matcha though. Think of this as feeding a toddler… if you’re hesitant to give it to them, they’ll be hesitant to try it. Don’t automatically doubt their tastes. If you’re going to do this, do it right and give them samples running the gammit. And to me, a flight of green tea isn’t complete w/o matcha. Just like a black tea flight isn’t the same with out chai. That would be like only giving them iced tea samples that are sweetened because that’s what our culture is used to. You have the chance to give them many new tea experiences- take it. :)

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