Jenn said

52Teas Reblend Alert!!!!

I’m so excited that’ll I’ll actually get to try two of the most talked about 52Teas artisan blends! Hot Buttered Banana Bread and Pancake Breakfast are available again for a limited time. My order has been placed, and I can’t wait for my package of happiness to arrive!

I was blathering to my husband about how very exciting it is that I’ll finally get to try these amazing teas, and his response was a question. “Are you only drinking candy teas now?” Whoa, well, ummmm, okay so I admit that I have become enamored with what I call foodie teas. There is something so amazing to me about the unexpected and tantalizing flavors that can be created by genius tea companies like 52Teas andDavid’s Tea. There are purists who I’m sure would scoff at my excitement, but I don’t care. I’m having too much fun to be concerned about that nonsense!

Reblend! \o/

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