One Good Thing About The Snowstorm

This week, the Philly area got socked with 23 inches of snow. Lucky us. I spent most of the last three days trying to shovel us out. When I picked up the snowshovel, it revealed an unopened, un-nibbled box of Red Rose tea. Hooray! It’s like getting a box of free tea — even though I must have paid for it mons ago — or, at least, whenever I last picked up the snow shovel.

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PeteG said

I am going to run out to my garage and check my snow shovel…maybe the tea fairy left some Pu Erh for me….stay tuned!

We rec’d the tail end up here in Nova Scotia…wasn’t as bad…I checked…no tea. I must have been a bad, bad boy!

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rabbysmom said

Gotta love that! Hope you enjoyed the snow and the tea!

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