Cofftea said

Two if by Tea

The number 7 search term on Yahoo tonight. Check it out!

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This makes me sick.

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Meeka select said

Ugh — that seems completely opposite to the spirit of tea.

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K S said

Where’s your sense of humor? It amazes me it has taken this long for someone to jump on the opportunity.

Cofftea said

I agree. Lame? Possibly. Probably even. But making a person sick? Even my sense of humor isn’t that bad.

I have a sense of humor. I just don’t find anything about Rush Limbaugh funny. I find him repulsive.

Spot52 select said

I cannot stand the man either, or other people who stoop to that level. I would have found the product humorous if it had been put out by another known entity. But face it, politics is a sensitive subject with many people. What are we never supposed to comment on in polite society? Religion, Politics, and preference of Mac or PC. It should not be a shock that people feel strongly about it. I still mention topics like this and engage in “impolite” discourse. Anyhow, enough of my verbal regurgitation. Happy Father’s day.

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