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DAVIDsTEA - Supreme Generosity!

I work for a non-profit Christan organisation that provides out of School care to 100s of local children, there are over 20 sites open during the school year and 8 sometimes less open for Christmas, Spring Break and Summer Camp.

My site has been enjoying the different boxed herbal teas all school year and I was browsing local tea places to price out how much it would cost to do loose leaf teas, on a bugdet with the children at my site. Realising it was going to be realatively pricey I sent some emails out to see what would could be done to open another world of tea to the kids in my care.

This shout out is for DAVIDsTEA! They kindly donated tea to my site as well as tea bags. Their generosity was and is HUGLY astounding and oh so Wonderful!

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That’s awesome! Glad to hear they were so wonderful to you and your children. Nice to know a company I do business with pays it forward!

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