tadsid said

Vanilla Rose Strawberry Tea

Does anyone know where Celestial Seasonings Vanilla rose strawberry tea can be purchased? I’ve tried for a while, any help would be appreciated.


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Cofftea said

Looks like it’s no longer available. I suggest taking a vanilla green tea (Adagio’s is surprisingly really good) and add dried strawberries and rose petals to it… although finding a strawberry fruit tea with no other additives may be challenging. Lupicia’s strawberry vanilla (http://www.lupiciausa.com/product_p/12408502.htm) is also absolutely killer- you’d just need to add dried rose petals to it.

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Adding dried strawberries to a tea is going to to very, very little to the flavor, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you want to have next to no strawberry flavor in the tea. You will need to either include a strawberry flavored tea in the blend or use a strawberry flavored oil to achieve adequate flavor.

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