buy tea online ?

Will you buy tea online? Google it or search it at some shopping website?
Good shop is always not easy to be found I think.

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When I was actively buying tea for my personal use, I purchased my tea primarily online because here in the US, a good local purveyor is hard to find. I don’t trust grocery stores for the most part because I’ve found on more than one occasion that the tea had already expired according to the stamped expiration date on the package.

As a tea consumer and now as a tea purveyor, I can say with 100% confidence that there are many good, reputable tea companies online – many of the tea companies featured in the tasting notes here are online sources so you just need to read up on the teas you’re interested in finding.

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RadevNage said

Hi, I was also looking for a online tea store a while back, since the tea in the stores are very limited and I wanted to taste a few variety of tea. I came across a few online stores, but one that I liked was this one : They have a wide variety of Ceylon Tea and they have free shipping as well. Hope this was useful :)

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I suspect buying online is the only option for most of us.

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