Cofftea said

Top 7 Reasons to Drink Tea During a Recession

Very interesting article from Art of Tea!

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Mel said

Love the article! I learned a tip from one, after you have rebrewed you tea however as many times, do a cold brew overnight to extract the last bit. It’s nice having a little mild cup of tea to start the day. Tea has replaced the pop I drank, the Starbucks drink I would buy. Big savings for me.

I got my dad into making his own tea. I am in the process of getting my mom off drinking Coke. I am still working on that..but saves them money! Whenever I buy a tea, I always try to figure out the price per cup, and how many times I can rebrew it.

I was feeling down about money today, but this article made me feel a little better. I need to go brew some now!

Cofftea said

I hot brew mine to death already (says the lady that can get 12-22 steeps from dragonwell), but for those that don’t. (i.e. everyone else)- that’s a great idea. I personally would never dream of cold brewing tea that had some life left, but cold brewing virtually dead tea would be interesting… although I’m afraid it would just taste really diluted.

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