Would anyone like to learn brew their own kombucha?

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My husband just bought a Kombucha mother and wants me to give him some plain green or black tea to use, any recommendations? Real excited to try making it :)

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Any old tea you have lying around will do. I’d use a non flavored one though. What is he using to brew it in? Did he get the mother online or locally?

He got the mother online. He is planning to use a half gallon mason jar to brew in. He makes his own yogurt and beer so I have confidence in his brewing/sanitization abilities! I gave him some plain assam and plain gunpowder green :)

Sounds like fun and exciting. I love cold kombucha in the summer. A half gallon mason jar sounds a bit small, lately I’ve noticed that a lot of the chain stores are selling ice tea and other summer drink holders with spigots on the bottom. There is a way of continuous kombucha brewing that uses those. An advantage is that you can easily siphon off tastes to get the brew just the way you want it. Put some into a smaller juice sized bottle and keep on brewing. I haven’t done it that way but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and just got a large several gallon glass jar with a removable top and spigot.

That is a cool idea, thanks!

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