Test your tea knowledge with this tea test

Here’s the link to the test: http://bit.ly/l27Zwb

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Hm. I only got 19/34. Some of those questions were really preference questions, though.

You are fired from tea. Please send your stash to me immediately. .

Uniquity said

MMmm, be sure to split some with me! : )

On its way… ;)

Hey, how did you do on it? 34/34, right?

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Angrboda said

I got 24 right, but I agree with QuiltGuppy that some of the questions are not so much fact as they are down to preference and what has become the ‘standard’ way of enjoying tea.

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Cofftea said

I didn’t see any preference questions, but 3, 18, and 32 wrong; questions 22-25 don’t even have the correct answer as an option and is 26 stupid question. I also hate the way they insult you if you don’t get a good score- which is their fault since they don’t give proper correct answers.

The correct answer is a matter of preference. Hence being called “preference” questions. For instance, #3. Some people prefer to believe there are only 3 kinds of tea. They don’t consider rooibos or mate tea. See? Preferences. Not wrong, just not your preference.

Today’s lesson has been brought to you by the letter “U” and the number “3”

Cofftea said

Wow, you need a longer weekend. Don’t have an attitude with me. Green, Black, White, Oolong, Yellow, Pu Erh. I could come back with a childish and sarcastic comment like you did, but I prefer to act my age. Even if yellow and pu erh aren’t counted that’s still 4 and my kindergarden math tells me that’s more than 3. Just because one prefers to believe something other than the truth does not mean that truth is not truth. Truth is not contingent on the opinion or preference of others.

Just as an FYI, “Even if yellow and pu erh aren’t counted that’s still 4 and my kindergarden math tells me that’s more than 3” is a “a childish and sarcastic comment”. As another FYI, it’s kindergarten. I’ve met people who believe that Oolong is the bastard child of black and green. I don’t agree, but they’re welcome to believe what they want.

That being said, I apologize if you found offense in my comment. I am a bit cranky this morning, I suppose.

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Uniquity said

I’m still annoyed at “only 3 types of tea.” I wonder which of my ‘basics’ (green, white, black, oolong, pu-erh) I should discount.

Also, tea consumption started in Britain AND America? What about all the other nations? Japan? China? This quiz makes me annoyed, I think.

Yeah, I only made it through about five questions. To each their own, I guess. It’s more “Test to see if you know our preferences about tea” than a test of your tea knowledge.

In my opinion, pu erh should never count. ;)

Uniquity said

I don’t enjoy pu-erh, but I try to be fair. It exists! : )

Pithy said

It was a badly worded & vague question!

Different types of tea (white, green, oolong, black, etc) all come from one species of plant- the tea plant! And there are several sub-species, which I think is what they are referring to when they say “types of tea”. (Honestly I thought there were only two – Camellia sinensis sinensis & Camellia sinensis assamica, but maybe they’re counting another one that I’m not familiar with?)

But there are thousands of cultivars & even more ways of crafting so there is no way to answer this question correctly because it depends on how you categorize “types” of tea.

(What the heck is the third tea type? I can’t figure it out.)

kuanyin said

The tea consumption question meant just between Britain & America, I think they knew everyone would pick China if it had been an option. And it was obviously a trick, I thought it would have been Britain, but I got it right because why else would they word it that way? The 3 kinds of tea riles me too, I guess the key word was “basic”. The detailed answer said black, green and oolong, not necessarily in that order. Another fault is that the test is so difficult to maneuver and you can’t go back or forth.

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Ok I’ll bite this sounds like a fun experiment, here goes the rest of my evening. I’ll consider each question, give what my own answer would be, what a quick google search and my tea books say and what teausa says. Warning this may not make a whole lot of sense if you haven’t taken the test.

Apparently the test starts on question 2 as typing your name is the first question, wonder if you can get that wrong?

Q 2: Already I see the source of some of the complaints they are kinda vague with whether it is BC or AD but you can figure it out with the background information, but why put the distinction on half of the choices and not the other half. I can tell this is going to be an annoying quiz.

My answer: D
The Experts: D is an accepted legend
Teausa: D

Q 3: Ah this is a ridiculously vague question, how many types of tea is there?!? What are you referring to? Varieties of camellia sinensis, I would say 2 camellia sinensis sinensis and camellia sinensis assamica, unless you are including hybrids of those than I really don’t know. Perhaps you are referring to different teas from different regions such as Yunnan’s and Assam’s, not sure again but there would be quite a few, or are you asking types of tea such as White, Yellow, Green, Pu erh, Oolong, Black. Then I would say six, no herbals don’t count. This question really should have been more clear, really annoying. Lets see the verdict.

My Answer: Lets go with C or 3 since while I don’t agree with it the other choices make less sense.
The Experts: hard to know with that vague of a question.
Teausa: C, wow ok all respect is now gone, only my love for writing is going to get me through this along with forwarding a copy of this to Teausa.

Q 4: Is the the second most popular beverage after water? I think its TEQUILA! Huh did not know tea was that popular, still skeptical but interesting.

My answer: B, false
The Experts: A, true
Teausa: A, true

Q7: What country invented iced tea and when? Well I seem to remember something about a fair and that States so lets go with A. Well Teausa swings and misses while I didn’t spend enough time hunting down information to firm up country and the exact year I found enough information to prove that it was not the United States in 1904, that is mealy when it was popularized.

My Answer: A, United States in 1904
The Experts: Uncertain but it looks like England in the early 1800’s, unfortunately this is not a valid choice.
Teausa: A

Q8: Who invented the tea bag? Ah this one should be pretty straight forward eh? Apparently I misjudged teausa’s capacity for stupidity, sorry to be insulting but I’m annoyed now.

My answer: A, Samuel Twining
The experts: Thomas Sullivan in 1908, unfortunately this is not one of the options.
Teausa: C, John Sullivan in 1904, now in fairness in the detailed description they did say Thomas Sullivan however they still got the date wrong.

Sorry to say but this experiment is over, I am saddened that someone who is supposedly taking the expert on educating people about tea is spreading blatantly false information, I can’t stomach it any longer, here goes my letter to the editor.

If anyone read this entire tangent, I’m sorry to be the one that has to tell you but you need a life. :)

Perhaps this test was sponsored by Teavana, something to look into :)

Yeah, I need a life, but I found your responses amusing! I wish I could remember my thoughts as I took it. Probably something like, “Rats! Really? No way.”

xhado123 said

According to all of my training at teavana, I agree with you guys as to where the test is right and wrong. After hearing all the teavana bashing, (knowledge, sales, quality) I’m beginning to believe I’m the only teavana employee who’s bothered to read our textbook… I mean, training manual…

It’s too bad Teavana won’t sell their teas wholesale to anyone, including our store…or is it? :p

xhado123 said

Actually, you might want to contact our corporate office if you’re interested in serving our teas in a restaurant setting. If you were to buy a commercial quantity (5lbs last one person 1 cup a day for a year, I’ve gone through thirty pounds the last year.) for, say, a month’s supply, they might be able to throw you a heftier discount than twenty percent off (one in five pounds free).

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i ended up with a 27 /34 on The quiz, and also agree that some of the questions are vague. Nevertheless, still a fun quiz.

If you got a sec…
check out the T anthem Song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry1fK25Ij00

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teawing said

late entry…19/34 for me

not sure what to think of that…or the test for that matter.

I do agree with QG, pu-erh should not count. :)

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