John said

Tea Entrepreneurs


I am looking to start an establishment that involves selling tea and would like to know if anyone knows of any good importers (through experience) and can share some contact information.


Also, hello Steepsters, first day here ^_^Vm

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Look at these firms

Harney & Sons –
Metroplitan Tea –
Montery Spice Company – http//
Atlantic Spice –
TeaGschwewndner – Largest tea seller in the world (is selling franchises)

That should get you started. Metro is a direct importer with whom you have to open a business account. The spice companies are essentially tea repackers and are more flexible because they sell to anyone. Even ordinary Steepsters can buy from them without an account – they sell in bulk. Big savings on tea….

There is a lot of information about Tea entrepreneurship on the net. The more important question above tea is what kind of business/retail/cafe experience or training do you have. The tea business is exciting and there is plenty of growing room for new businesses right now.


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John said

Great! Awesome info. thanks! _

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lizziereds said


You could also take a look at
They are based in the Czech Republic but export worldwide.

I used to work for someone in the UK who bought their teas and she was very happy with prices and quality.

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