Utopia Tea said

***Weekend Deals at UtopiaTea.com*** FREE TEA ~ FREE MOVIE TICKETS ~ FREE TEA POTS ~

It’s the weekend, so why not offer a deal? This weekend we’re giving away restaurant style tea pots, loose tea, and AMC or REGAL movie tickets!!

Every third order placed at www.utopiatea.com THIS WEEKEND will receive FREE TEA, a RESTAURANT STYLE TEA POT FOR ONE*, and a pair of MOVIE TICKETS!!!* Your order placed can be ANY size to be considered for this promotion**.

If you are one of the winners, we will ask you if you would like the AMC Movie Tickets or the Regal Movie Tickets depending on your location.

Have a wonderful weekend and drink tea!

Your friends at UtopiaTea.com!


**offer ends Sunday July 10, 2011 at 9pm Pacific Standard Time.
*limited supply available

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After some contemplation I have put in my first order and hope so very much that I am order #3 and win. :-)

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Utopia Tea said

Thank you for your order! You will find out today if you won :)

I won too. YAY! Thank you :-)

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W00t! I won! I never win, but I did! I’m so excited about loot lol.

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