Five teas...

So, as I get ready for my trip to the States, one question has been plaguing me.

What tea do I bring?

So I offer my fellow Steepsterites a question:

If you were traveling and could only take, say, five teas with you before your mother got irritated with your “tea obsession”, which five would you take? I honestly don’t have an answer for this just yet, but I know two will be Orange Pekoe and Whisky White, both from DavidsTea. And likely a green with vitamin C in case my allergies act up while I’m there.

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Angrboda said

I would do all purpose teas. Look at what you’ve got in your standard collection, the ones that you always keep in stock. If I were choosing out of my own collection I would take the Tan Yang Te Ji from TeaSpring (let’s just play that I’ve actually got some) because that’s my number one favourite tea which therefore makes it a good all round tea as well as something to calm down on should stressful situations arise.

Secondly, as I really prefer black over most other types and would want a choice, I would take another black tea which was different from the first mentioned, like for example LS or a Keemun. Also well loved teas.

Thirdly I would take something with a ‘fresh’ sort of flavour. Something shiny and cheerful like for example the Lemon oolong from Nothing But Tea, the green summer blend from A C Perchs or the raspberry oolong also from A C Perchs. Fruity and fun.

Fourth, something sweet. Either a vanilla black or the Kusmi Caramel. They’re nice as a treat or while reading before bedtime, if you can have tea close to bedtime.

That leaves fifth as a play-thing. Something that looks fun and interesting. Maybe something not drunk much at home can be interesting in a new setting. If you’re fond of herbals or can’t have tea close to bedtime, then some sort of herbal something or other, or decaf if you prefer, would be the obvious choice here.

That’s what I would do.

You bring up some very good points! Hmmm…ponders her cupboard a bit more

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Uniquity said

I encounter this problem when I visit my grandparents and my father. I tend to grab three or four, and I go for ones that are convenient to pack, usually bags instead of tins as the bags are smaller. I tend to bring one fruit flavoured black (often blueberry), a plain black and at least one herbal tea (because my grandmother loves them). I try to avoid fussy teas as I don’t know what equipment I will have, so I leave the greens, whites and oolongs at home, unless it is one I am confident in my ability to steep under terrible conditions.

For steeping, I bring the infuser from my travel mug as it is convenient to fit in a mug for a single cup or a teapot if where I am going has one. Plus, if you only have a few teas with you it is a great excuse to sheck out the local tea selection and find something new to love.

Well, this is a two-week trip, so I’ll be bringing one of my tea for one sets and an infuser, as well as a pack of T-bags. Luckily I know my parents have a kettle.

As for checking out the local tea selection…I’ll be in Nashville, where I’ll be lucky to find hot tea at all, much less a looseleaf shop. sadface

When we first moved to Tennessee from Michigan, my mom ordered hot tea in a restaurant. Confused, the waitress went back into the kitchen for a few minutes and returned with the offer to pour some sweet tea into a coffee mug and microwave it.

Mom had coffee instead XD.

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This may make you laugh, but the last time I traveled (to Wisconsin, where tea shops aren’t exactly around every corner) I placed an order with Adagio right before I left, and had it delivered to the location where I was staying, so I would have some new tea to drink while I was there.

I’ll be traveling in August, again to Wisconsin. If I had to bring only five teas I’d bring a strong black (probably some version of Yunnan Gold), a flavored black like Marco Polo or something similar, a gyokuro or sencha, some Zealong tea, and some white tea with a light flavor, like Osmanthus Silver Needle. Maybe also a few bags of my favorite bedtime herbal tea (Traditional Medicinals Easy Now).

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Oh man, this IS a tough decision!!
I think I would pick:
1. Milima FOP as my standard black(no need to explain that one!),
2. Strawberry white peony (or whisky white- it all depends on my mood at the moment)
3. definitely a chamomile/peppermint mix- to calm me down before bed
4. Some other non-caffeinated tea, perhaps my lemongrass or african nectar rooibos(both if I had the option!)
5. and finally, my Sunshine Mate! for when I’ve had too much caffeine but desperately need a pick-me-up
6. IF there were room, I might consider a juicy tisane for iced tea. I like to stay hydrated and it has plenty of vitamin c :)
I tend to use certain teas for different purposes… so it’s not just about preference> otherwise I’d simply take my favourites!
Also, five is such a small number!! I tend to get tired of flavours if I overdo it so would be looking for an alternate tea source when there, or severely limiting my consumption.

Uniquity said

I definitely get tired of the same tea…it’s part of why I have so many, I could have a different cuppa every day for a very long time!

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Oh and what of my lapsang souchong? how can I leave that behind… *sighs

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Tamara Fox said

I’d take an oolong, a black (probably earl grey to share with my mom – it’s her fave), a green, and a black or rooibos for iced tea. My Mom knows I love tea, so I wouldn’t let her stop me from taking what I need :)

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Cofftea said

Tipu’s instant chai and matcha definitely. I need give the other 3 some thought though.

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1) In Boston, to enjoy an incredible tea with the world famous seafood, I would take our Gentle Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea to compliment the flavors.

2) When in Chicago, I’ll enjoy a Portilo’s hot dog and to help digest the additional calories I’ll need the Sassy Green Tea with Acai

3) Can’t go cross country without hitting Village Tea’s HQ in Texas and combining a steak with our world class Sweetless Sweet Tea – Sweet Grace Vanilla Rooibos. Compliments the flavors and isn’t too heavy that it takes away from the space in your stomach for steak.

4) My Favorite City, Los Angeles, I can’t not stop at the Grove Farmers Market and taste a little bit of everything. I believe in combining flavors with more appetizing flavors…. so the Cherry Me Bloom Rooibos with Acai is a must!

5) Stopping in San Francisco, gotta eat at the New Asia Chinese Restaurant….which means a Smooth Jasmine Green tea is absolutely necessary

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