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tea for sale on ebay user oceanica1

Hi everyone, I just put several groups of tea up for sale on eBay. There is pretty much something for everyone, pu-erh, Oolongs, blacks, whites, etc. All are sourced from good vendors like Yunnan Sourcing, Red Blossom, Taiwan Sourcing, etc. My ebay handle is oceanica1 – please have a look and feel free to pm me if you are interested, or just make an offer. I am also open to trades. Thanks for the bandwidth.

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Hello oceanica,

Do you have the URL ?

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Cwyn said

Just type in oceanica1 in the EBay Search and click “search for a user.”

Oceanica, may I suggest using the Tea Sale and Swap topics here on Steepster? Your teas are likely to go much faster here on Steepster and why pay EBay fees if you don’t have to?

Also, EBay searches are keyword based. Your titles should just be keywords only, and it helps to research the same items you are selling. Look for Completed listings and sort the highest price sold or most recently sold. Take note of the keywords used in the title, even better click “sell one like this” and just modify the description according your needs. I’m saying this because some of your titles contain words that will never come up in search, parentheses, and words like “pretty” and “rare” just are words no one searches for. Every single word in the title should be a popular search term. For example,

Tea Caddy Canister Vintage Cherry Wood Japan Sencha

“Shu” should be Puerh Tea 2014 Ripe Cooked Shou Aged 50g

People won’t find your stuff in search otherwise, and you would miss potential buyers and watchers.

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