Cream & Sugar?

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Hey Eric,

We actually wrote a little blog post about the health benefits of adding milk and/or sugar to your cup… hope it helps :)

Happy steeping,

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VegTea said

I like soymilk and sugar in my chai teas. I think milk probably does tone down the spiciness a bit – for chais that are less spicy, I will add less milk. I feel that sugar helps me taste the spices more, though.

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SilverPine said

I’m surprised that people don’t tend to add cream (half & half) to their teas. To me, it’s the only milk product that’s decent in teas, as well as coffee. I never liked 2%, 1%, or skim milk in teas or coffee, or any type of non-dairy milk. They always made tea taste worse – lost the tea flavor, and added a weird, bland watery flavor.

I drink almost every teabag with half and half and a sweetener (brown sugar or honey). That makes my teas taste soothing, comforting, and rich. I put half & half & sweetener in black teas, chai, and herbal teas.

If I’m drinking authentic loose Chinese teas like Oolong or Dragonwell green teas, I don’t put anything in it – that would ruin the authenticity and true taste of the teas.

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Ken said

I used to add sweetener to my tea’s especially bitter greens. But lately Ive been going natural and not adding anything.

Except herbals get honey, agave or monk fruit, and chai gets milk and stevia.

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Definitely when it felt going to add tuh. enjoy a glass of tea with a mixed variety of different flavors. But for cold rooms would be better to enjoy it.

thank you

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Everune said

I seldom add anything to my tea, but there are three exceptions;
Matcha Latte
Masala Chai
London Fog(earl grey steeped in milk + vanilla)

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I grew up with tea and milk, so it is my comfort zone. But only black malty teas and chais and the very occasional latte with other random picks (ones that have strong flavour).
Unless I accidentally loose track of time and the tea ends up overly bitter… since milk tends to tame the bitterness and I’d have to possibly toss the cup anyhow.

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MrQuackers said

Only a barbarian would place milk in tea. (If barbarians has milk)

The exception is assam, which actually tastes better with milk or yogurt. And chai which is made by boiling water/milk with tea.

Checkout the flavour of a refreshing can of unsweetened Asian green tea.

Now stop making this cow mad!

Only a barbarian would criticize another for what they enjoy. Not that I care. Trolls like yourself entertain me ;)

MrQuackers said

Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. I will never again tell people that they may not enjoy a cup of tea with milk. My trolling days are over.

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