Most beautiful and delicious blooming teas

I have a strange desire to try a few blooming teas. I say strange because previously I was terrified of them (sea creature aliens!!!) but they have started to appeal to me greatly (it may even have something to do with the fact that I’ve been kinda sorta getting into some horror movies – unheard of for me! I found them way too scary!) but anyway:

Have any of you had a blooming tea that you found particularly beautiful and delicious?

Right now I have my eye on the ones offered by the Art of Tea:

and I’m liking their glass pitcher to watch the blooming:

but as always, any and all advice, opinions, and recommendations appreciated!

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Angrboda said

I’ve come across a few in my time, but while they were pretty to look at, none of them were really particularly interesting in flavour. So I’ve turned a bit away from them again in disappointment.

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I have had a few nice experiences with flowering teas and I am tempted by the free offer from Ego Tea Company:
They have one or two other teas I have wanted to try so I may put in an order and let you know what I think…

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ashmanra said

I had one or two but they were nothing to write home about. The water quickly got a bit murky and the tea just wasn’t that great. I don’t think I had really high quality ones, though. I am sure there are better ones to be had. I have had good luck with everything Harney. Maybe one of theirs would be good! My glass pitcher is now holding a plant on the kitchen windowsill because I knew I wouldn’t be drinking blooming tea again!

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