tea samples/coupons/discounts?

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I do know of a few- I’ll get back to you after some searching.

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We’re having a Customer Appreciation Sale – 25% ALL tea…no coupon needed!! Happy Sipping!

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Den’s tea has a Green Tea Sampler for Novices that is only $3(including shipping). I haven’t ordered it yet, but I plan to before I order any tea from them. Here is the link:

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Ellyn select said

I am “bumping” this thread. Anyone know of any deals, groupons, etc. for tea?


I recently bought some tea from The Tea Butler, who is liquidating his Harney and Son’s stock. I just checked the website, and it looks like they are sold out of all of their loose-leaf :( But, they still have SILKEN TEA SACHETS and regular teabags for sale. I have enjoyed the teas I have gotten from him (loose-leaf and iced tea bags). I have talked to him directly (his name is Fran) via e-mail and over the phone. I highly recommend doing business with him. Here’s the link:
Happy shopping!

DaisyChubb said

I’ll just say that Harney and Son’s silken tea sachets are very good quality tea! I have huge leaves and no dust at all in my packages b^_^

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Wayne said

Stash has a 20% off coupon code ( FALLETC ) for Canada only (?) ending TOMORROW


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If you all wanna try some Guayusa, an herbal tisane from the Amazon go to Runa.org with promo code: SEANRUNA

You get 15% off!

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